Turquoise Tree of Life Bracelets

Turquoise strengthens the body and the subtle energy fields, enhancing communication between the physical and spiritual worlds. It is also a stone of protection.

Placed on the Third Eye, it supports intuition and meditation.

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol found in many different cultures dating back to ancient times. In Buddhism, the Bodhi Tree is where Buddha received enlightenment, which is why it is the symbol of wisdom. It is also a symbol of our connection to the Earth and the universe.

The bright, vibrant colors of these Natural Turquoise Bracelets will strengthen your connection with spirituality, and serve as a reminder to pursue knowledge and peace!

-Turquoise is believed to bring calmness and serenity in life.
-It is also believed to protect from negative energy and bad omens.
-In many cultures, turquoise is revered as a holy stone as well as one that brings good fortune.
-The Apache believed that adding this beautiful stone to a weapon would improve its accuracy.
-In the earlier times, it was believed that the gem showed color change if the wearer was ill or was in danger. It would then turn back to its original color once the calamity has passed.
-The stone was also believed to be discolored or become damp if the wearer was poisoned.
-It is considered to be a peace and harmonizing stone that decreases nervousness, tension, and stress.
-The gem is also reputed to promote empathy, sensitivity, and positive thinking.



  • Excellent for layering! Contains 2 bracelets.
  • Length: 19 cm
  • 8mm stones
  • Pendant size - 15mm
  • Elastic
  • Materials: Semi-precious stone: Turquoise
  • Metals: zinc alloy
  • Tree of Life symbol is a symbol of wisdom