Turquoise Bracelet

Wear this beautiful Turquoise Bracelet in natural howlite and admire its beauty and purity.

The Turquoise color corresponds to the Throat Chakra. It symbolizes fluidity, water, transformation, evolution and renewal, regeneration, elimination, and purification.

This jewel also adorned with silver colored beads will remind you of the gentle movements of the turquoise waters reflecting the sunlight.

The Howlite is a stabilizing stone. It makes it possible to clarify and establish a coherence between the feelings, it gives the sense of the responsibilities and makes it possible to dissipate all the fears.

Adjustable, this bracelet fits all wrists.


Materials: Turquoise Howlite, Brass, Cord
The diameter of pearls: 4 mm
Length: 71 cm + 8 cm