Buddhist Natural Amazonite Lotus Mala

This Buddhist natural amazonite lotus mala is a soothing stone. Wear it and you will immediately feel a sense of inner peace and balance. It increases willpower and communication skills.

It possesses a powerful energy, like the river of which it bears the name, but it is nevertheless capable of taming and calming negativity and anger.

This stone is the stone of truth, honor, communication, and integrity.  It is known to enhance your intuition as well as psychic powers. Your creativity and intellect are thought to be strengthened as well.  This stone is affiliated with the throat chakra and lessens stress and self-defeating behaviors by calming and building your self-esteem. It is believed to help heal emotional disturbances after a traumatic experience.

Amazonite is thought to have healing properties and helps the heart, nervous system, as well as pregnancy. If you are calcium deficient this stone would be a great one for you as it helps with muscle cramps and spasms. Osteoporosis and tooth decay are also things that Amazonite is known to help prevent or sooth symptoms.

I have used Amazonite in a few of my designs and feel that this powerful stone is one you can wear proudly.

It encourages truth, courage, and self-discovery. 

This Buddhist Natural Amazonite Lotus Mala of 108 beads is a wonderful representation of the blossoming of being.

This mala can be worn as a necklace or wrap it around your wrist multiple times to wear as a bracelet.

How to clean and recharge your Mala of good energy?

We recommend cleansing your Mala beads regularly: as the beads are known to absorb and store energy and cleansing helps to remove stagnant energy. Take advantage of the Full Moon by recharging your precious gemstones and resetting them for the coming month.

The Full Moon is an opportune time cleanse the energy of your beads and magnify the energies you want to attract. Full Moon energy is potent with the energy of fullness, abundance, attraction, manifestation, love - so keep in mind which gemstones and objects you want to amplify. That being said, you can charge objects at different moon phases for different energies you want to enhance. For example, if you want to manifest love; charge some Rose Quartz, and if you want to attract peace; choose Amethyst or Amazonite. Choose whichever gemstones will help you on your journey to living with intention!


  • Elastic
  • 8mm stones
  • Length: approximately 34 inches (93 cm)
  • Materials: Semi-precious stones, Natural Amazonite
  • Metal: Zinc alloy