Labradorite Mala

Labradorite has tremendous power to bring change to your life.  

It is considered the stone of transformation because it balances all 7 Chakras, and especially stimulates the Third Eye, which awakens the intuitive abilities.  
It restores confidence and enhances the feeling of excitement, adventure, and positivism.

Adorned with the “Om” (or Aum) pendant which is Sanskrit in origin and roughly translates to “the seed of all creation.” 

Labradorite is also the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom, creating a shielding force throughout the aura and strengthening natural energies from within. It protects against the negativity and misfortunes of this world and provides a safe exploration into alternate levels of consciousness and in facilitating visionary experiences from the past or the futureLabradorite attracts luck, which is why it’s also called the good luck stone. If you’re wishing for more abundance, good fortune, wealth and success in your life, this is a stone that you should never be without!

This mala can be worn as a necklace or wrap it around your wrist multiple times to wear as a bracelet.


    • Elastic
    • 8mm stones
    • Length: approximately 38 inches (96 cm)
    • The OM Pendant  invokes "Om", the primordial vibration 
    • Materials: Semi-precious stones, Labradorite
    • Metals: Zinc alloy
    • 108 beads