Chakra crystals chandelier sun-catcher

This amazing 7 Chakra Rainbow Crystal chandelier Sun-catcher is beautifully handcrafted using 7 Chakra colored crystals and a multi-faceted Crystal Ball. Hang it on your patio or in your window to boost the energy in your room and create positivity. The sun's rays are absorbed by the Suncatcher which then projects rainbow of lights onto your walls. 
Length is 24 cm (9.4 inches). Light energy is the central principle of Feng Shui, as it encourages mental clarity, harmony, and purification. 

Chakras regulate the flow of energy throughout the electrical network (meridians) that runs through the physical body. The body’s electrical system resembles the wiring in a house. It allows electrical current to be sent to every part and is ready for use when needed. Sometimes chakras become blocked because of stress, emotional or physical problems. If the body’s ‘energy system’ cannot flow freely it is likely that problems will occur. The consequence of irregular energy flow may result in physical illness and discomfort or a sense of being mentally and emotionally out of balance.