Blue Turquoise Mala

Spiritual turquoise healing properties provide cleansing and healing energies for the entire body, including energy centers. Turquoise stone benefits impart understanding and wisdom in keeping with turquoise meaning. Turquoise power clarifies the perception of beauty and encourages kindness and trust. Turquoise properties benefit people spiritually by making it easier to let go of the need to punish others for past misdeeds and embrace a more compassionate, forgiving nature. In doing this, all the freedom from limitation and fear, happiness and love we wish for them is reflected back on us through the heart.

Turquoise healing properties inspire self-forgiveness and self-acceptance while encouraging the release of pointless regrets as reflected in turquoise meaning. Turquoise powers help us honor ourselves as a tool and creation of the Divine.

Spiritual healing properties of Turquoise provide a more clear understanding of oneself, allowing a more enlightened view as indicated in turquoise meaning. Even though this clear understanding reveals some unpleasant aspects, it should be fully embraced. Aspects of ourselves that we perceive as unpleasant are still important parts of the whole. Refusing to accept all the good and bad that is revealed through enlightenment leaves one unbalanced.

How to use turquoise:

  • Wear or carry dark blue turquoise for greater power and flexibility in keeping with turquoise crystal meaning.
  • Utilize pale blue turquoise for more peace, understanding and inner harmony.
  • Pray with a turquoise rosary or turquoise prayer beads to facilitate the connection with a preferred deity in keeping with turquoise meaning.


Material: Stone
Metals Type: Silver
Chain Type: Rope Chain
Length: 108pcs beads