The Endless Knot

Do you the meaning of the Endless Knot? 

In Buddhist Symbology, the “Eight Auspicious Symbols” are considered to be the most important (and perhaps the only) meaningful symbols in the entire religion. But there is one among them that truly stands out: the eternity knot. An intricate pattern of interlacing lines and never-ending loops, the eternal knot is nothing short of eye-catching and deeply intriguing.

Everything with the Eight Auspicious Symbols has a unique spiritual representation. But the divine significance of the Endless Knot is the connection between one’s spiritual path, the movement of time, and the omnipresent Buddha self. The origin of this ancient symbol is thought to be the icon of snakes- a symbol of duality in many cultures. Buddhism focuses heavily on the idea of duality and finding the balance between the feminine and masculine qualities in life.

This gives a balanced perspective that allows the practitioner to let go of challenging situations and to see the opposing side of arguments in a new light. With all the twists and turns in the knot, it clearly illustrates the interconnectedness of all beings on the planet. This makes the sacred knot take on the symbolism of not just duality, but the perfect representation of unity in the universe.

At its heart, the endless knot inspires one to ponder the connectivity of opposites.


Wallet Phone Case

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We Fit Your Phone

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Other Features

  • Environmentally-friendly, leather-like case material with hybrid durable strap.
  • RFID protection material built in.
  • Ships worldwide. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.