Om Hooded Blanket

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Definitely, the most amazing Hooded Blanket you could get. This blanket leaves you with the idea of being embraced by a beautiful and cuddly octopus. 
Plus the ultra-smoothness sherpa of the blanket in the inside gives you an undoubtedly comfort in your daily tasks.

This Hooded Blanket is the perfect gift because it can be used for so many things while keeping you warm!

It's perfect for watching TV,
reading a book,
like a bathrobe,
as a cape,
late afternoon on the beach,
when it is necessary to go out and feed the dog

It's the easiest way to add warmth to a home, It adds color and texture and can instantly renovate an antique armchair to give a new feeling to a room. It's super soft and warm.
It's hard to put it into words about how freaking incredible these new blankets are... you'll understand once you touch and experience it for yourself!
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