Crystal Lotus Flower

Sublimate your home with this beautiful Crystal Lotus Flower "Feng Shui".

Symbol of absolute purity, spiritual awakening, and fidelity, the Lotus Flower has the specificity to take root in the mud or mud, while its flower blooms majestically on the water. Intact in the face of impurity, the lotus represents the purity of heart and mind.

The crystal is a symbol of purity and clarity, it is both visible and invisible. It allows the light to pass through and remove its contours to create a sumptuous and magical illusion of lights.

In Feng Shui, this Crystal Lotus Flower will initiate a better circulation and a balance of the Qi energies of your habitat to bring success, harmony, and balance in the relationship, happiness, and communication in the frame. family, wealth and success in business, health, and protection.

Arrange your Crystal Lotus Flower in a sunny place (home or office) so that it can emit beautiful colorful reflections and harmonize the energies of your room.

Choose the color or colors that appeal to you the most:

Blue: represents peace, calm, serenity, freshness but also sensitivity.

Green: symbolizes the natural, balance, freshness but also happiness, harmony, success, energy, optimism, youth, calm, serenity.

Yellow: is a cheerful and lively color that represents joy, energy, tone, and dynamism. It symbolizes gentleness and intelligence.

Red: transmits energy and initiative, makes you want. The color of love, it represents passion, temptation, emotion, strength, power, power, luxury, energy, perseverance, combat, and determination.

Violet: symbolizes subtlety, mystery, romance, idealism, and protection. It also symbolizes freshness, purity, peace, and luxury. It calms and stimulates mental activity.

Rose: symbolizes positive values such as innocence, gentleness, romance, sweetness. It represents calm, peace, serenity, tranquility and confidence.

White/transparent: represents positive values such as purity, balance or innocence. It symbolizes nobility and refinement, calm, peace and serenity. It provides light and gives a feeling of freshness.

Multicolor: it represents all the colors that form the colors of the rainbow. He is the symbol of alliance and serenity.


Materials: K9 Crystal
Dimensions: 80 mm x 50 mm



Ships worldwide. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.