Ganesha Meditation

This painting "Ganesh Meditation" will inspire soothing and spiritual energy in your interior.

The God Ganesh is omnipresent in the daily life of the Indians. This painting will undoubtedly remind you of travel souvenirs, give you the desire to decorate or increase your connection with the world of the divine.

Ganesh, God at the head of Elephant, symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, and virtue. Each part of his body has a special meaning:

His head: symbolizes intelligence
His belly bounced: the universe
His trunk wound: the obstacle contour and sound OM
His big ears: attentive listening
It is said that all spiritual worship in the Hindu tradition begins with the invocation of Ganesh, a bearer of luck.

Meditating on Ganesh brings spiritual awakening, inner balance, and wisdom.

This table will transform your interior, it is ideal for the living room, the bedrooms, the meditation room, your office, or even for cafes or hotels!


Characteristics :
Materials: linen, cotton

Several sizes available, with or without frames:
Small: 10 x 15 cm x 2/10 x 20 cm x 2/10 x 25 cm x 1
Medium: 20 x 35 cm x 2/20 x 45 cm x 2/20 x 55 cm x 1
Large: 30 x 40 cm x 2/30 x 60 cm x 2/30 x 80 cm x 1
Very Large: 40 x 60 cm x 2/40 x 80 cm x 2/40 x 100 cm x 1

Ships worldwide. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.