Tiger Eye Bracelet 7 Chakras

Tiger's Eye is a protective stone, it keeps away negative waves.

This Bracelet 7 Chakras:

• Has a mirror effect, reflects negative energies to its emitter.
• Brings luck, concentration, self-confidence, self-control, and courage.
• Gives energy and dynamism, sense of contact with others, sense of friendship.

It is a perfect stone for shy people who lack confidence.

The 7 chakras:

The imbalance of the chakras can impact your general wellbeing and endanger your mental, emotional, spiritual and also physical health.

It will allow you to find your balance and your inner peace.

The crystals vibrating at the right frequency of the spectrum helps to activate the right kind of energy.

So by bearing the proper stones on you, you will increase your energy level and strengthen your spiritual harmony.

This combination of stones gives you a deep sense of positive energy, it allows you to find peace of mind, balance, healing, meditation. It protects you from the evil eye or black magic, suppressed negative energies.

This is one of the best gifts you can offer to your loved ones.

Benefits of harmonizing chakras:

• More self-confidence
• Aura of protection
• Inside Peace
• Find your clarity of mind
• Raising spirituality


- Length: 17 - 19 cm
- Elastic
- Diameters of pearls: 8mm
- Natural stones representing the 7 chakras:

Violet agate
Red Agate
Lapiz lazuli
Green Howlite
Eye of tiger

• Remember to purify and reload your bracelet as soon as you take possession.