March 08, 2019

We are creatures of our own habits, and until we break the habit we don't change.
Our schools don't teach that. They teach almost the exact opposite of that.

Is it because of our habits that poor people will always be poor?

The average person, the reason they're poor, is they haven't failed. They play it so safe, they haven't made any mistakes like they were taught in school, that means they don't learn anything.

The poor will always be amongst us. Because it's in their words and their words become flesh. When you say "I can't afford it", "I don't have time" or "I can´t do that" they go down, you become what you say. It's an escape, it's easy to say "I can't afford it".

Instead of "I can't afford it" ask yourself "How can I afford it?" "How can I do that?".
A question opens a mind, a statement closes the mind. When you say "I can't afford it" your mind shuts down and you become what you say.

Poverty is passed on, it's taught in families.

Until you change your mindset, money won't help you, you need to change that poor man soul.
If you're poor you will always be poor, money will disappear that fast.

You have to create a new mindset, new habits, through repetitions and positive statements.

Habits are replaced, not broken. Habits are like submarines. They run silent and deep.

Habits grow by observation, imitation, and repetition from cobwebs into cables to strengthen or shackle our lives. First, we make our habits, then our habits make us.

Success and failure are both habit-forming. Find mentors and role models with proven track records of success and emulate them.

An important element in personal growth is creating new mental habits that will replace old self-defeating habits. If you haven’t started meditating with the InnaPeace program yet, here’s an introduction to the power of habits and how they can completely transform your life:

Mental habits drive your actions. Your actions determine your results.

Through meditation, you reverse-engineer the process, going from a result of mental habit.

You become aware of the mental habits (and you’ll probably say, “what was I thinking???”) and change them using the self-mastery you learn in the InnaPeace supporting documents.

Make your habits work for you by replacing negative habits with positive habits.

Which ones do you need to replace as soon as possible?

Any habit that keeps you from achieving your goals!

The habit of procrastination; the habit of avoidance; the habit of “I’m not good enough”; the habit of “I’m not worthy” and other fear-based habits can all be eliminated by creating new mental and behavioral habits that make achievement and success automatic.

Don’t stop there; automate your success by creating awesomely powerful success habits like daily action and gratitude.


Steven Johnson